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1Why rent a Filippos Boat?
By renting a Filippos Boat you will enjoy a truly memorable holiday experience. You can enjoy the stunning coastline of north-east Corfu while pottering around the numerous coves; swim in crystal clear water off beautiful natural beaches only accessible by boat; or stop off at a traditional harbour side taverna for refreshments or a bite to eat.
2Where can we go?
All clients are provided with a map. We also have a suggested itinerary.
3How many people can use the boat?
Our boats can carry from two to eight people, depending on the size of the boat.
4Which boat is suitable for us?
Please refer to our Ribs, Speed Boats and Power Boats pages, where advice is given on which one is ideal for you.
5What if we have never hired a boat before?
A short induction training will be given by one of our experienced staff prior to renting your boat. This covers aspects of boat use, mooring and safety.
6How much is the boat rental and is petrol included?
Please use the form above to contact us for rental prices. Petrol is paid for locally on completion of rental.
7How long can we hire the boat for?
Our boats can be rented from 9.00 am to 6.00pm. However it is recommended that you arrive promptly to ensure that you make the most of your day and the time available. (The time of return maybe be subject to change depending on the weather.) For weekly bookings, clients can moor their boat close to their villa - if there is access for mooring - and the boat can be used up to 7.00 pm. Petrol will be delivered regularly by Filippos' staff.
8What if the weather changes?
Filippos Boats regularly, but unobtrusively, patrols the coast ensuring that their clients are safe and happy. This means that they are on hand to attend to any unforeseen problems. Should the wind pick up the patrol boat will be on hand to accompany you safely back to the harbour.
9Are there any restrictions as to who captains a boat?
Anybody above the age of 18 can captain a boat.
10Can anybody rent out a speedboat?
Any boat above 30hp needs a speedboat license.